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(Revised September 1995, October 1995, February 1996, July 1996,

July 1999, January 2001, July 2001, November 2001, June 2002, July 2003)


The Flowertown Dart League is a non-profit organization with the sole
purpose of providing members with competitive darts, and fun, in a social

General membership is open to anyone interested in darts as a sport.

Membership may be restricted or terminated for cause by a majority vote of
the executive board.

A non-voting, non-playing honorary membership (with no charge to the
recipient) may be issued at the discretion of a majority of the Board
members at any Board Meeting.


General Membership: A minimum of one meeting per every other season for
the purpose of elections of FDL officials (Executive Board) will be held
within thirty (30) days of the last scheduled match of the FDL season.

Board Meetings: Such meetings will consist of the Executive Board of the FDL and all Team Captains or designated Representative of that team. Meetings will be held as necessary, the date, time, and location will be determined by the current FDL President. A maximum of fifteen (15) minutes per topic under discussion may be imposed by the President. The vote of the Board Members will be decided by a majority of those Board Members present. A minimum of one half (1/2) of the Board Members is required to be present to conduct business of the league.

Executive Board: Such meetings will be held as necessary. The vote of this
board will be decided by a majority of those present.


Consists of the elected officials of the FDL. Officers will serve for two (2)
seasons plus one (1) week. The Executive Board will be responsible to
ensure that all establishments participating in the FDL are in accordance
with league rules.

Will preside at all meeting of the FDL. May vote only to
break a tie. The President's signature will be one of the valid signatures on
the FDL account. The President will decide all questions of order and
appoint all committees.

VICE PRESIDENT: Will assume all duties of the President in the
President's absence. The Vice President's signature will be one of the valid
signatures on the FDL checking account. The Vice President will monitor
all committees and perform any other duties assigned by the President.

SECRETARY: Is responsible for the collection of all fees and dues and will
submit all moneys collected to the Treasurer. The Secretary will keep
accurate minutes of the proceedings of the league, issue notices of meetings,
conduct correspondence, and maintain and distribute all league schedules,
standings and any other duties as assigned by the President. All minutes of
meetings and weekly score sheets will be retained by the Secretary for a
minimum of two (2) seasons.

TREASURER: Shall receive and have custody of all FDL funds and will
promptly deposit all moneys received. The Treasurer's signature is required
on all FDL checks. Is required to submit a Treasurer's Report at each league
meeting. Will turn over all records at the end of term of office to a new
Treasurer and be responsible for the transfer of all accounts to the newly
elected officials of the FDL. The Treasurer's records will be audited after
each season. All records will be retained for a period of three years. Shall
perform any other duties assigned by the President.


A. A & B Division-Each team will consist of a minimum of six (6) and a
maximum of(12) players.
C Division-Each team will consist of a minimum of four (4) and a
maximum often (10) players.

B. It is required that each team elect one member to serve on the rules
committee (this committee will meet as needed). Each team shall have
a captain and a co-captain. In the absence of the captain, the co-captain
shall have full authority to act, and all decisions made by him/her will be
binding on that team.

C. All members of the FDL must be at least 21 years of age.

D. All team members must be registered with the FDL.

E. Team Members may transfer from one team to another if all of the
following requirements are met:

    1. The transfer must be approved by both team captains.
    2. One half(l/2) of the season has not yet been completed which will be
      noted on the standing sheets for each division.
    3. Approval by at least two (2) FDL officers.

    F. Team placement in a Division:

      1. A DIVISION: Last place team to B DIVISION.
      2. B DIVISION: First place team to A DIVISION.
      3. Last place team to C DIVISION.
      4. C DIVISION: First place team to B DIVISION.

      * A team retaining four (4) members will be considered the same team.

      * New teams will be placed at the discretion of the Captain.


      1. Each establishment will pay $25.00 sponsor fee per team. This must be
        paid at the same time as the team roster turn in.
      2. Each player will pay $25.00 dues for each season. Dues will be paid at
        the same time as Team Roster turn in. A date, place, and time will be
        selected and published for Team Roster turn in. Players not having paid
        their dues will not be allowed to compete. Anyone holding a current
        office (President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer) will have their
        dues paid by the FDL.
      3. New/added players must pay their dues prior to the start of the match. The
        team captain is responsible for collecting and ensuring the registration
        form is completed. The collected dues and registration form will be
        attached to the night's score sheet and turned over to the FDL
      4. No new members will be admitted after the halfwaypoint of the season
        unless there is a compelling reason for such action. All such admissions
        will be approved by the Executive Board before said players can
        participate in league play. No player shall be allowed to change to a
        lower division during the current season.
      5. The home team captain is responsible for calling in the scores after the
        match has been played. If he fails to call in that night or by 7:00 AM the
        next morning, his team forfeits two (2) points. The Co-Captain is
        responsible for the call if the Captain is unable to do so.


      A. Each match will consist of the following four (4) sections.

      • A Division:
        1. Six (6) single games of301 (Double in, Double out)
        2. Six (6) single games of Cricket (with points)
        3. Three (3) games of doubles 501 (Free in, Double out)
        4. Three ( 3) games of doubles Cricket (with points
      • B Division
        1. Six (6) single games of 401 (Free in, Double out)
        2. Six (6) single games of Cricket (with points)
        3. Three (3) games of doubles 501 (Free in, Double out)
        4. Three (3) games of doubles Cricket (with points)
      • C Division
        1. Four (4) single games of 401 (Free in, Double out)
        2. Four (4) single games of Cricket (with points)
        3. Two (2) games of doubles 501 (Free in, Double out)
        4. Two (2) games of doubles Cricket (with points)

      B. Each game will be the best two (2) out of three (3) legs.

      C. All areas of each section must be filled out prior to the start of that

      D. One point will be awarded for each leg won.

      E. A player may play only once per section.

      F. Matches will begin at 7:30 PM

      G. A fifteen (15) minute grace period is allowed upon notification by the
      opposing team captain, is a team is arriving late for a match.

      H. Once the named have been called to start a match, there is a five (5)
      minute grace period to start the match or it is forfeited.

      I. A nine (9) dart warm-up is allowed at the start of each match by all

      J. A new section can be started before the end of the previous section.

      K. Two (2) more boards may be used during the match with the consent
      of both team captains.

      L. Two (2) team members will constitute a team for play to begin. If the two
      (2) players present decide not to play, there is a forfeit and points will be
      awarded to the opposing team.


      A. The most forfeit points awarded per game will be two (2).
      (Example: If one player does not show up for their match, the
      other player is awarded two (2) points.)

      B. During a doubles match one (1) player may play the game, but will
      score three (3) darts to the opponent's six (6) darts.

      C. Forfeit points will be awarded at the end of the section.

      D. If a leg is being played and an unforeseen delay occurs, the opposing
      player(s) may NOT practice on the board of play.

      • A & B Division-A match forfeit will be awarded thirty six (36) points
        per scheduled night to the opposing team.
      • C Division-A match forfeit will be awarded twenty four (24) points per
        scheduled night to the opposing team.


      A. Toe line: Players may step on, but not over, the toe line while throwing.

      B. Practicing: Players are not allowed to practice during their match in
      singles or doubles.

      C. If a team decided to fold or drop out of the league, it must be voted on by
      a majority of the team. A written letter will be submitted to the FDL
      President, from the sponsor, prior to dissolution of a team.

      D. If a team drops out of the league during the season all team points
      received by the other teams during previous games will be dropped
      up to the seventy five percent (75%) mark of the season. After that
      time it will be considered a match forfeit. Quality Points will not be

      E. In the event of a sponsoring establishment closing, rescheduling will be
      done by the league's officers prior to the season's end.

      F. If a player issues a bad or bogus check to the FDL, a twenty-dollar
      ($20.00) fee will be charged to that player and all points will be
      forfeited. Said player will have one (1) week to make restitution to the
      FDL in cash. No player who has issued a bad or bogus check to the FDL
      will be allowed to participate in league play until restitution has been made.


      A. Substitutions are allowed during a match only under the following

        1. A player arrives after the section has started.
        2. A player is not present for the scheduled match.
        3. Team captains will make arrangements for legitimate emergencies.
        4. No substitutions are allowed after that match has started play.

        B. No shifting of players within a section is allowed. Only one substitution
        per section is allowed unless both team captains agree to exceed this


        A. Corking:

        1. Each leg of the match will be corked.
        2. The home team has the option of the cork on the first leg.
        3. The loser has the option on the remaining legs.
        4. If the first dart falls out during the cork, the cork will be thrown over.
        5. If both darts are in the single or double bull, the cork will be thrown
        6. If the cork is thrown over the order will be reversed.
        7. If the first dart thrown during the cork is a single or a double bull the
          second thrower may request removal of the first dart.

        B. If a player throws out of turn, the score is not counted.

        C. Coaching is allowed during all matches with the exception of the

        D. The chalker can give the point total of the darts thrown and the score
        remaining at the request of the thrower only.

        E. While keeping score the chalker will face the score board at all times so
        as not to distract the thrower.

        F. The chalker will be replaced upon request of the opposing team captain.

        G. Scores will be written on the scoreboard before any darts are pulled. If a
        dart falls out of the board before it is written on the score board, the
        score does not count. Any discrepancies will be resolved by the team
        captains, or a written protest will be submitted with the score sheet
        for that night.


        A. Protests will be made in writing to the FDL President on the back of the
        turn-in sheet for that night. The protest will be resolved by the FDL
        officers prior to the next scheduled match.

        B. Each protest will be entertained by all parties involved along with two
        (2) or more officers of the FDL for disposition.

        C. If the captains of both teams cannot resolve a dispute the protest signed
        by the complainant should be submitted, in writing, to the Executive
        Board. If the complainant and his team captain disagree about a protest,
        the complainant should sign the protest ahead of the captain and make
        notation of the situation.


        A. Vulgar/offensive language and/or unsportsmanlike like conduct will not be
        tolerated in the FDL.

        B. Anyone using vulgar/offensive language or being unsportsmanlike will
        receive one (1) verbal warning by a minimum of two (2) FDL Executive
        Board officers.

        C. A second conduct infraction will result in the suspension of that member,
        by the FDL Executive Board, for the remainder of the current season.

        D. The conduct of all team members will be the responsibility of the team

        E. Upon receipt of a written complaint of inappropriate conduct by a
        member/team the team captain and the team sponsor will be notified of
        the complaint, in writing, before the next scheduled match.

        F. A second written complaint concerning that member/team will be
        resolved at a meeting of all partied involved and two (2) members of
        the FDL Executive Board.

        G. A league player barred from a sponsoring establishment shall be allowed
        to participate only at the discretion of the manager/owner of said


        A. A minimum of two (2) dart boards are required for each match

        B. The boards will be placed so that there is a minimum of five (5) feet
        between the centers of the bulls.

        C. The center of the board (bull's eye) will be mounted sixty eight (68)
        inches from the floor at the toe line with one quarter (1/4) inch
        maximum variance (high or low).

        D. The toe-line (hockey) will be marked plumb with the face of the board at
        a distance of seven (7) feet nine (9) and one quarter (1/4) inches
        (7'9 1/4") with a one quarter (1/4) inch variance (forward or back).

        E. There will be at least two feet nine inches (2'9") of unobstructed space
        on either side of the center of the toe line.

        F. The dart boards will be firmly mounted and perpendicular to the
        backboard or wall.

        G. Dart boards shall be in good condition:

        1. Wires shall not be pressed into the fiber of the board.
        2. All wires/staples must be firmly mounted.
        3. Board surfaces must be flat with no fraying, bulges or extreme

        H. Lighting:

        1. 1. Lighting shall be fixed above the dart board in a manner so that it will
        2. not cause obstruction to the flight of the dart.
        3. 2. Lighting shall not cause glare or distraction to the thrower.
        4. 3. Lighting shall be equal across the board.
        5. 4. Lighting shall be adequate for preventing shadows on the board.


        A. Each team will play every other team twice. If at all possible each team
        will play once away and once at home, according to the number of teams
        in each division.

        B. In the event of a tie at the end of the season's play, a playoff will be
        scheduled for the following Thursday night at a neutral site.

        C. The length of the season is determined by the number of teams in each
        division minus one, time two plus holidays.

        D. If nine (9) teams or less are entered in the league, the league will have
        one (l) division that season.

        E. Team names and scores for both teams will be called in by the Home
        Team Captain at the end of play each Thursday night. The score sheets
        for both teams will be mailed to the Secretary within forty eight (48)
        hours, by the Home Team Captain. Stamped/addressed envelopes
        will be provided for this in the captain's package (each season), also
        telephone number for answering machine (to record the scores).

        F. All standing sheets will be delivered or mailed to the sponsors or team
        captains by Tuesday at 5:00 PM .


        A. Rescheduling must be done twenty four (24) hours in advance by the
        rescheduling captain and the opposing team captain by telephone, or in

        B. All rescheduled matches will be completed with fourteen (14) days of
        the original scheduled match.

        C. All rescheduled matches will be completed prior to the last night of the

        D. The last night of league play cannot be rescheduled unless it is played
        prior to the last night of play.


        Changes to these rules as decided by a majority vote of the FDL Board will
        take effect immediately, unless otherwise stipulated by the Board.

        The President has the option of appointing a Sergeant of Arms to service in
        that capacity at all meetings during the President's term of office. The
        Sergeant at Arms may vote at any General Membership Meeting, and at
        Board meetings if he/she is a team captain or representative.

        At the beginning of each season the President will appoint a minimum of
        three members to serve as the Banquet and Awards Committee.

        If Luck of the Draw is held at the end of a season, only registered
        members of the FDL may participate. LOD payout will be to a minimum
        of eight (8) places.

        The FDL Board may vote to hold a Division LOD on a league night, half
        way through the next season. Each division will play at a different sponsor
        location; the name of each sponsor will be placed in a hat and a "winner"
        drawn. Sponsors must have a minimum of four (4) boards to participate in
        the drawing. This LOD is not funded by the FDL, players not wishing to
        participate may take the night off.


        • Divisions with 6 or less teams will award 1st and 2nd place trophies or
        • Divisions with 7 or more teams will award 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place trophies
          or plaques.
        • A team plaque will be awarded to the bar, which sponsors a 1st place team.
        • Patches will be awarded for the following:
          1. 180
          2. 9 Mark
          3. 6 Bulls


        Dues paid by FDL:

        1. Frank Pellegrini
        2. John Law
        3. Bill Ahner
        4. Kathy Ahner
        5. Cindy Hutchins


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